How to easily delete files in the Oracle Cloud using CloudBerry Explorer

So you have some Oracle Cloud storage, which was probably thrown in as a freebie initially by Oracle 🙂  Now your freebie is expiring and you decide you want to retain the service but now as metered, so you want to delete all the unnecessary files, which in my case are old Oracle database backups.

As you can see here I have 50k plus files using 897Gb:

Oracle Cloud Web Console Details

Here are the files listed in the Web Console:

Oracle Cloud Web Console List Objects

To delete them one by one isn’t feasible.

So the solution is to use a 3rd party file explorer, in my case CloudBerry Explorer from CloudBerry Labs:

The freeware version is perfectly fine, no need to purchase Pro or use the trial.  Just click ‘Cancel’ on the Register Product dialogue and then the application will load.

Once installed, to connect to your Oracle Cloud storage, you can follow this link:

However, the key to connecting is to have the username in the format of:

<Your Oracle Cloud Service Instance Name>-<Your Oracle Cloud Identity Domain>:<Your Oracle Cloud User Name>


Also select the correct ‘Account location’ which will fill the ‘Authentication Service’:

CloudBerry Login

Keystone, set to ‘Do not use’.

When you finally manage to get connected, you’ll see something like this:

CloudBerry Explorer

Now you have the freedom, to browse your files and delete at leisure 🙂

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Zed DBA (Zahid Anwar)

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