VMware Expert Database Workshop Program Oracle Edition – Day 2

Day 2 kicked off again with another early start at 7am, coupled with the late night, I was a bit tired to say the least, but was all worth it 🙂

Again, it was a very intense day, with lots of presentations and technical deep dives, ending with a lab session:

  • My OCM buddy Yvonne Murphy, kicked the day off by talking to us about “The Best Oracle Support Team on Earth – Global Support Services Oracle Team”
  • Dave Welch, House of Brick, talked to us about “Oracle on vSphere Licensing”
    • Some interesting Oracle license cases of which the main one discussed is available here
  • Jad El-Zein, talked to us about “vRealizeAutomation and Oracle”
  • Andreas Scherr, talked to us about “vSphere Core Storage Fundamentals” & “Modern Converged Storage, & vSAN & vVols”
    • I was impressed with the vSAN concept of using spare drive bays in an ESXi host to put a Hard Disks or SSD Drives in and/or using spare PCIe slots to put a Flash Cards in (including NVMe 🙂 )
    • Then these server attached storage devices are pooled together to provide a shared Datastore that has resilience built in using software rather then hardware 🙂
    • Can be all flash or hybird but each ESXi needs a cache device i.e. SSD Drive or Flash Card
    • More info can be found here
  • Valentin Bondzio, gave us an very enjoyable deep dive on CPU usage in Virtual Environment and how to troubleshoot 🙂
  • We then finished the day with a lab session with Sudhir Bala and Mohan Potheri, where we got to for example:
    • Create a Virtual Hard Drive
    • Attach an Existing Virtual Hard Drive (useful for RAC clusters 🙂 )
    • Then we played a game to stress test a Pure Storage, however I could only get 2Gb a second using 10 sessions running a parallel query of 10 on the largest object in the database.  This is not because the Pure Storage but because of I/O queue in the VMware stack, which we didn’t get time to change but highlight the point 🙂

Another great day of the 3 days workshop, in which I got to gain even more new knowledge in regards to VMware, in particular CPU usage and vSAN 🙂

The day ended with a meal and drinks at The Oliver Plunkett, more socialising with Johannes AhrendsRon EkinsFrits HooglandTim Hall and Mohan Potheri.  Then a nice walk back to the hotel with Mohan PotheriJohannes Ahrends and Martin Klier.  It’s a small world as I found Martin Klier and I had overlap with some customers and people 🙂  The socialising then continued in the reception lounge with Carl Dudley, Ron EkinsFrits Hoogland and Tim Hall.

Many thanks to VMware and Pure Storage, I’m looking forward to the rest of the workshop 🙂

My tweets for the day can be seen here.

The VMware Expert Database Workshop Program hashtag is #VMWORA

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