Oracle CloudWorld Day 1

Apologies for the delay on getting my blog posts out, it was a hectic trip with little to no time to blog 🙄. I’m planning to catch up now that I’m back home to complete the series off 👍🏽

If you missed my day 0, you can view it here.

So day 1 was exploring Las Vegas in the day and attending the Oracle EMEA Appreciation Event in evening.

Exploring Las Vegas

With the -8 hours time difference, I struggled to get a good night sleep and was up bright and early!

My hotel was at the south end of Las Vegas strip, so I planned to go to the north end and central strip and explore. On my travels I came across Batman outside MGM grand 😁

Whilst I was at MGM, I thought I might as well visit the MGM lions I had seen when I first visited Las Vegas back in 2004. After struggling to find the lions, I asked a member of staff, she told me they not been there for over 10 years 😲, confirmed here.

Next I saw the Coca-Cola store, didn’t even know Coca-Cola stores even existed, but clearly they do. Was full of Coca-Cola merchandise, like clothes, bottles, glasses, etc and of course sold Coca-Cola in all flavours 😎

Next went to Target for a browse, it’s pretty much like our UK equivalent of Tesco, but this was a smaller store, so more like Tesco Express.

There was a cute target dog in the entrance.

Next went to central strip, had lunch at McDonald’s then had a wander and came across the superheros at the ‘I LOVE SUGAR’ store which seemed popular in Las Vegas.

Finally had a wander in the Fashion Mall, which despite its name isn’t just clothes but all sorts of stores. Bought some Apple AirTags from the Apple store (which came in handy later on in my trip 🤦🏽‍♂️) then headed back to the hotel to get ready for the Oracle EMEA Appreciation Event.

Oracle EMEA Appreciation Event

The Oracle EMEA Appreciation Event was for all Oracle Partners across EMEA, which I believe approximately 150 people attended from approximately 60 partners of the approximately 500 in EMEA.

We were hosted by Stefan Diedericks from Oracle.

I met various people including but not limited to:

Michel Schildmeijer

Philippa Clifford-Davies

Philip Wilson

Jen Mitchell

Dylan Murugan

Nalinee Uppiah

Chiedu Okeleke

Francesca Tabolli

Finally I swung by the entrance to Oracle CloudWorld, where they were still preparing for the next day for registration.

Tomorrow will be registration and attending the Oracle Partner Success Summit.

You can view my day 2 here.

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Zed DBA (Zahid Anwar)

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