Oracle CloudWorld Day 0


So as an Oracle Ace Pro, I’m very fortunate to be able to get a complimentary ticket to Oracle CloudWorld this year. And with my employer Version 1, covering travel, accommodation and time, which I am very grateful for, I was all set to attend Oracle CloudWorld, formally known as Oracle OpenWorld.

The Trip

Saturday the 15th October and the journey begins! All packed and ready to leave Manchester for Las Vegas OCW22 😎 A gruelling 16 hours trip!

The first leg is an 8 hour long flight to New York via Virgin Atlantic!

Got a lucky upgrade to Economy Delight and was next to the emergency exit, so had some decent legroom 😎 To be honest as I couldn’t select a seat at check-in and the flight looked to be full, I was glad to have a seat!

Bye bye Manchester!

Landed in New York, now for immigration, baggage collection/drop off and get to gate for connection flight all within 1.5 hours 😬

Made it, but only just and bumped into an old colleague Chris Hollies. So now the next leg is 6 hours to Las Vegas but as I was already in US, it was classed as domestic, so no meals and I was getting tired, hungry and jet lagged! πŸ₯±

Finally made it, 16 hours later in Las Vegas. It was 1pm when I left the UK and arrived in Las Vegas 8pm local time but back home was 4am! So was feeling it and so wanted my bed! 😴

My place for the week is Sahara, which is at the end of the Monorail (Southbound), which I choose to keep cost down as the central strip hotels were full or expensive when I had looked to book.

Tomorrow will be exploring Las Vegas and attending the Oracle EMEA Appreciation Event.

You can view my day 1 here.

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Zed DBA (Zahid Anwar)

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